How to Create PKT Wallet On a Macbook 1

How to Create PKT Wallet in Mac

The easiest thing you can do on this planet is to create a PKT Mac Wallet.

You can create a PKT Wallet as well if you know how to install an application and run it on Mac.

As you know PKT is a decentralized blockchain using a bandwidth-hard proof of work and an open ecosystem of people and businesses unified around the common vision of de-monopolizing internet access.

Let’s get started.

Create A PKT Wallet in Mac By Following These 5 Steps:

Step 1

Visit the official website of PKT and go to the Wallet section. Locate the wallet for Mac.

SNAG 0103

Step 2

You’ll be redirected to the Github repository. Download the latest version of the Zulu file for Mac.

SNAG 0104

Step 3

Install Zulu by dragging it into the applications folder. Please wait a few seconds after you drag it.

Installing Zulu

Step 4

It’s time to run it.

Open the Zulu Wallet

Step 5

Once opened, click “Create Wallet

Create a new wallet for Mac

Step 6

The passphrase can be anything, but if you forget your passphrase, your account will no longer be recoverable.

Wallet Passphrase

Step 7

Now click on “Continue without seed” to get started.

Continue without seed

Step 8

This step is more important than the day you were born. For god’s sake, save the wallet seeds otherwise you’ll never be able to recover your fund.

Save wallet seed for PKT MAC

Step 9

Contractions, you’ve created a PKT wallet. Ready to send and receive PKT. Wait until wallet sync turns to green.

Wait for 100