About the Site & Why I Made It

With PKT Cash, the opportunity for growth is there, but not everyone understands the mining aspect and the creation of PKT wallets, which are the backbone of PKT vision.

I developed https://pktdesk.com for a broad understanding of the PKT project. It was essential to have a single place to answer all the questions people ask in the simplest of words.


I have written a total of 14 blog posts with screenshots and GIFs —more blog posts will be added over time.

The main objective of the blog is to increase people’s understanding of mining and PKT technology that would help in the marketing of PKT.

In addition, mining required people to watch lengthy videos and follow complicated stuff. I made the PKT mining process’s guide extremely easy — with high-quality screenshots, GIFs, and simple script— even beginners can start mining without technical knowledge within 5 minutes.

As an example, instead of creating a wallet that requires users to enter dozens of command lines manually on Ubuntu, I recommend members create a PKT mining wallet address using pkt.world’s Windows wallet and Zulu Wallet if they use Mac OS. Once they’ve created a PKT wallet address, they have to paste the first script that goes like this that update the server and installs the essential without any input from the user:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y && sudo apt install curl -y && sudo apt install tmux -y && sudo apt install gcc git -y && curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf https://sh.rustup.rs | sh && sudo apt install make && rm -rf packetcrypt_rs && pkill -f packetcrypt ; git clone https://github.com/cjdelisle/packetcrypt_rs && cd packetcrypt_rs && tmux

Once the user reaches the tmux session, he has to type the second script to start mining — I provided screenshots to help normal users understand.

~/.cargo/bin/cargo build --release ; ./target/release/packetcrypt ann -p pkt1qhalj5vn5eq5m0uelnswvtqwud9wc57srm9rqez http://pool.pkt.world http://pool.srizbi.com http://pool.pktpool.io 

By doing this, the mining time was reduced from 30 minutes to just 5 minutes. Consequently, the PKT project will grow faster because of the time saved — faster deployment leads to better scalability.

People are also concerned about finding mining servers from around the world. During my research, I found several hosting companies that allow mining on their servers so that people can earn PKTs and support the PKT infrastructure globally.

The best part? With the right SEO strategy and on-page optimization, I ranked all the keywords to the top of Google as mentioned in the deliverables.

PKT’s vision will greatly benefit from the project in that it will enroll more people who will support the infrastructure of PKT.

Who am I?

I’m Muhammad Aamir Mursleen, an SEO expert who has more than six years of experience. Additionally, I have contributed to well-known blogs such as SEMrush, Dawn, and WPReset.

The thing that separates me from other writers is the ability to use screenshots and funny GIFs to illustrate my points with a lot of clarity. Writing simple, comprehensible language is what I do best.

Due to my ability to conduct robust, keyword research and build backlinks, I have grown the organic reach of different clients and projects by 100% in a few years.

I currently work on topstudyworld.com, which receives over 600,000 hits per month. In addition to running the website, I’m an admin of Bloggers Funda that has over 150,000+ members. I have been teaching people in the group about SEO.

I’ll continue to work on PKTDesk to grow it to the next level and write more articles as the need arises.


We have finished developing the website, which includes all the digital assets and required articles that have been frequently asked in the community. Following are the articles with screenshots and GIFs that have been written so far:

  • How to Check Your PKT Mining Balance
  • How to Mine PKT on Ubuntu
  • What is Ke/s in PKT Mining, Actually?
  • How to Create PKT Wallet on Ubuntu
  • The Best CPUs for PKT Mining in 2021
  • How to Mine PKT on Windows
  • How to Create PKT Wallet on Mac
  • What is PKT? Everything You Need to Know
  • How to Mine PKT on VirtualBox
  • How to Create a PKT Wallet in Windows
  • Which PKT Pool Order Produces Maximum Mining Rewards?
  • How to Mine PKT on Akash Cloud
  • How to Mine PKT on AWS
  • How Does the PKT Blockchain Work?


Blog articles: Aamir wrote all the articles with screenshots and GIFs. As of right now, he is creating videos with voiceovers on the topics he has already written about.

Web development: Aamir’s team will handle the coding in his designs to produce a functional website.

Hosting: The website is hosted on a VPS on DigitalOcean using the pktdesk.com domain.

*SEO: 9 blog articles are ranking on the top 1-6 positions in the USA for

Keywords Position on Google
How to Mine PKT on Virtual Box 1
Which Pool Order Produces the Most PKT Mining Rewards 1
How to Check Your PKT Mining Rewards 1
The Best CPUs for PKT Mining 2
How to Create PKT Wallet on Ubuntu 2
How to Mine PKT on AWS 2
What is Ke/s in PKT Mining 3
How to Create a PKT Wallet on Windows 3
How to Mine PKT on Ubuntu 6
How to Create PKT Wallet On Mac 11
How to Mine PKT on Akash Cloud 12
How to Mine PKT on Windows 14

How to Buy PKTDesk.com?

You can contact me on Telegram, transfer of the domain and the PKT will be handled by escrow @Caztiel.

I’ll transfer your domain and hosting to your desired location for free upon paying 199K PKT. Additionally, I’ll guide you in SEO along the way at no extra cost for the next six months.

Telegram Link: https://t.me/aamirkhanwan

Why Am I Selling It?

There is an urgent financial need as I need to pay my debtors. However, I am optimistic regarding the future of this site since it ranks highly on Google and its members would greatly benefit from it.

Possible Earning Potential of the Site

  • Affiliates as serious miners get tens to hundreds of servers. You can earn from each server sale as you see on the homepage, the top 3 servers are the ones that pay commission per sale
  • Donations from the community
  • Earning from Google Adsense and crypto networks
  • The future success of the PKT project will pay you a good return