Order PKT Mining Servers

no monthly fee forever

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Why Should You Purchase?

No Monthly Fees Ever

You don't need to pay any monthly fees ever as long as mining PKT is profitable — as long as PKT doesn't fall below $0.011 for the whole month.


It's affordable sicne you'll get your ROI within a month.

No Server Maintenance Required

You don't look to look after the server anymore. We handle everything on your behalf.

Daily Deposit

You'll get 80% of the daily deposit in your PKT wallet. Moreover, you'll get a public PKT address as well to track your mining rewards.

Why No Monthly Fees?

1. You pay one-time fees

2. we purchase the server & start mining

3. we start mining

4. We take 20% from daily yield

5. We get 20% of the PKT as a weekly cut

6. you get paid 80% of the weekly PKT payout to your pkt address


Most frequent questions and answers

You will mine with the ke/s power bought for as long as the contract is profitable.

1. You pay one time set up fee of $99 with 800 ke/s mining power
2. We manage the server and payout the profit to your wallet after deducting our fee and server cost.
3. If the profit is in a negative balance, the contract is terminated.

The contract can be terminated if PKT price falls to a low level or CPU mining is no longer profitable due to miner rewards and GPU mining take over.

It can take up to 6 hours for the process to complete, but it usually occurs within 15 minutes.

We accept only crypto payments at the moment. More payment options will be added.

We have 10 Gbp/s line per server.

We’re available on Telegram to answer your questions.