Which PKT Pool Order Produces the Maximum Mining Rewards?

Which PKT Pool Order Produces Maximum Mining Rewards?

PKT mining is exciting and fun especially its blockchain that works in an amazing way.

It can be frustrating when you don’t get a good ROI from mining.

Don’t worry, I’m going to share with you a simple secret that can increase your mining rewards that is to change the order of the pool.

Let’s first discuss what exactly is a mining pool.

What is a Mining Pool?

A mining pool is a group of people who combine their resources and computational power to help mine for cryptocurrency.

The more miners and the resources, the higher chance there will be at finding a block or successfully mining cryptocurrency.

Likewise, mining pools pool their resources in the form of CPUs, bandwidth, and storage in order to mine PKT blocks.

At the time of writing this article, the current block reward is 1,992.58 PKT that reduced by 10% after every 90 days.

PKT Block Mining Reward

What are the current PKT pools?

PKT blocks are currently being mined by the following pools:

  • Pkt.world (Miner Share: 45%)
  • Pktpool.io (Miner Share: 40%)
  • Pkteer (Miner Share: 57%)
  • Zetahash
image 7

Curious about how to view all the active pools? Just go to this link.

Understanding the PKT Mining Stats

Understanding PKT mining statistics is essential to better mining.

  • Pool: The pool column shows all the pools that are doing PKT block mining.
  • Blocks: The blocks column reveals the number of blocks the pool has won. The more blocks a pool wins, the more rewards the miners get.
  • Percentage: The percentage column demonstrates the percentage of the rewards a pool has won. For example, the current block reward is 1992 PKT, Sribzi won 1613.52 PKT, Pktpool.io won 143.42 PKT, and Pkt.world won 231.07 PKT.
  • Miner Share: The mining share columns exhibit how much the pool is rewarding its miners from the rewards of block mining.
  • Difficulty: The difficulty column shows the difficulty that the pool has set to mine PKT blocks for miners. The higher the difficulty, the lower the rewards for miners.
  • Status: The status clearly indicates either the pool is working or not. If the status shows Down, it means the pool isn’t working and the miners are getting zero rewards.
Understanding Mining Stats

Which Pool Order Produces the Most Mining Rewards?

Now comes the most exciting part, which is the best pool order to get the maximum PKT mining rewards?

The order is:

Pkt.world > Pktpool.io > Zetahash > Pkteer

You might be thinking about how to use the order in the script.

./target/release/packetcrypt ann -p pkt1qdvj9syq6c2n573gemhfzzv8tg0vna6w8tsmvra http://pool.pkt.world http://pool.pktpool.io https://stratum.zetahash.com http://pool.pkteer.com

Don’t forget to replace your PKT address in the script.

The reason is that Srizbi wins the most blocks and it rewards higher if put Sribzi first in the pool order.