How to Mine PKT on Windows 1

How to Mine PKT on Windows [Easy 11 Steps]

Mining PKT on Windows is one of the easiest things you can do on the planet. You don’t need to learn any complicated stuff and coding.

This software application was designed by the founder of pool to be extremely user-friendly.

All you need to do is run the software, put your PKT address, and start mining.

How is it possible? Just follow the steps 😀

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How to Mine PKT On Windows by Following These 11 Steps:

Step 1

Visit the official website of, go to the Wallet section, and download Wallet.

PKT World Wallet 1

Step 2

Once you’ve downloaded it, run it. You’ll get an error like this. Click on “More info

PKT Wallet Window Error 1

Step 3

Click on “Run anyway

Run Anyway PKT Wallet 1

Step 4

Once installed, run it.

PKT Wallet Installed 1

Step 5

Select “Create a new wallet” and type any wallet passphrase in order to create a new PKT wallet.

Creating a new wallet 1

 Step 6

Please take a screenshot of your seed wallet otherwise you’ll never be able to recover your funds. Wallet Seed and Passphrase 1

 Step 7

Congratulations. Your PKT address has been created. You’re ready to use PKT.

PKT Address 1

 Step 8

Go to Settings. wallet mining setting

 Step 9

Put the PKT address that you want to use for mining and select the number of threads depending on your processor.

Threads PKT

Step 10

Go to the Miner section and select START.

pkt world wallet mining

Step 11

Go o the PKT Explorer and put your PKT address to see how much are you getting rewards from the pools.

PKT World1