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How to Mine PKT on Ubuntu [6 Simple Steps]

Did you know? Even when you are asleep, you pay your entire internet bill. PKT allows you to pay your internet bill with your unused bandwidth, isn’t it great?

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Despite the fact that most people make PKT mining on Ubuntu extremely difficult, I will demonstrate a simple script that automates the majority of the work.

Excited? Let’s get started.

PKT Mining on Ubuntu Step by Step Guide

Step 1

The first thing you need to run is Terminal on Ubuntu.

Running a terminal


Step 2

When you open it, paste the below code. Previously, people had to type the command line one by one that took a lot of time. Linux is great; it saves time.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y && sudo apt install curl -y && sudo apt install tmux -y && sudo apt install gcc git -y && curl –proto ‘=https’ –tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh && sudo apt install make && rm -rf packetcrypt_rs && pkill -f packetcrypt ; git clone && cd packetcrypt_rs && tmux

Pasting the PKT code


Step 3

When you see this step that displays:

1) Proceed with the installation

2) Customize installation

3) Cancel Installation.

You don’t need to select an option, just hit the ENTER button.

Press Enter to proceed PKT mining


Step 4

After a few minutes, now paste the second script when you see the green bar. Don’t forget to replace your PKT address with your address.

If you don’t have a PKT wallet address for mining, don’t worry, at the bottom of the article, I showed how you can create a wallet without running any complicated command lines.

I put the pool order that is responsible for giving you the best rewards from mining.

~/.cargo/bin/cargo build –release ; ./target/release/packetcrypt ann -p pkt1qhalj5vn5eq5m0uelnswvtqwud9wc57srm9rqez


second script PKT


Step 5

When you see the Ke/s and Mb/s, it means your mining is working fine. That’s it.

PKT is mining on Ubuntu


Step 6

In order to check how many coins have you earned, you can visit the PKT explorer and put your PKT address to view your mining stats.


Checking Mining Balance 

Don’t have a PKT Wallet Address?

Don’t worry, I’ve created an extremely easy guide on creating a PKT wallet address for mining:

Once you’ve created a PKT wallet address, replace the address mentioned in the second script.


Changing PKT Address


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